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Interview with an interior designer: Art trends for your home and how to optimize your space

COVID lockdowns over the past year have seen many Australians spending an increased amount of time within the four walls of their home. This has led to an upward trend of home renovations and online buying. I myself, as an artist have experienced a spike in sales during the last major lockdown in Victoria. This got me thinking... If we are all jumping on the DIY train to home decor, rather than haphazardly revamping our space, perhaps we should get some insight from an industry professional? So I decided to source out a local interior designer who could shed some light on home design trends for 2021 and as we move in to 2022. Introducing Candice Jones of Designs by Jones. These guys are a husband and wife duo based in Wodonga, VIC specialising in designing homes.

Candice, was a lovely woman to talk to, with great insight on the interior design trends for 2021 and moving into 2022 and picking the right piece of art for your wall.

Could you please tell us about your business and a bit of your work background?

Design by Jones is a husband and wife design team, specialising in bespoke house plans and interior design for new builds and renovations.

We love working with people who are wanting their forever home designed. Starting with the house plans and then I work with the clients to co-ordinate the overall look of their home, from the exterior colours, interior colours, from tiles, flooring, fittings and fixtures.

Why did you choose to work in the design industry?

Wade is a third generation builder and I was a graphic designer. Over the years we renovated and built many homes and property became our passion, so we decided to go in to business together and created Design by Jones.

What systems or thought processes do you go through when you first speak with a client? / when you first walk into a room?

The biggest thought process is how someone lives within their space and how they use it. It needs to accommodate their family and lifestyle needs. It is a matter of asking our clients the right questions to truly understand them and how they live.

What are some common mistakes people should avoid?

Natural light matters. Not only does utilising natural light lead to substantial energy savings, it has a huge benefit on our health and wellbeing and can aesthetically change the look of a room and can make a room appear larger. If possible, designing a home with living spaces on the northern side help maximise natural light into these spaces.

Measurements…Know your sizes. Quite often when people build they look at the size of the room on a floor plan and they think it’s big enough but often find it is too small once it is built. If you are unsure, grab a tape measure, measure out a room at your current home and compare the size so you get a clearer understanding of the size.

Match your lifestyle to your home. Decide what your needs are before you build and then build to meet those needs. Remember to consider what will be best for your family in the future, not just what seems best for today. Are you planning a family? Do you have a family? Are your children nearly out of the home? Do you have family and friends visit? Is it your forever home or do you plan on selling?

What would say is ‘on trend’ when it comes to choosing artwork for home décor at the moment?

A renewed appreciation for nature as the world has been touched by the pandemic. Nature has always been inspiration for artists but it has taken on an even greater meaning as people are seek escapism. It even relates to the increasing awareness surrounding the environment and the climate crisis with artists representing this struggle through their art.

Where do you think this trend is headed for in 2021 / 2022?

Whether it's expansive seascapes or sweeping hills, the natural world is set to rise as it has taken on a greater meaning to people. Artists adopting the use of recycled materials in their art will be a rising trend with the pressing issues surrounding climate change.

Do you think COVID has had an impact on how people purchase art or where people are purchasing art?

Yes it certainly has had an impact. Online platforms have allowed people to have artistic experiences from the comfort of their home. People can view exhibitions and purchase artwork from across the globe without having to go anywhere.

How do you think home décor art is valued? Do you find clients are more attracted to cheap art prints from mass homeware outlets or do you find clients see value in purchasing original art?

With most people being confined to home during the pandemic, it has made people appreciate their home and how they feel within their space, therefore I would say home decor is valued. People are attracted to what they can afford and what is important to them. Yes original art can be more expensive but an artist spends so much more time to produce the final product, it is hand-crafted and not mass-produced, therefore it is one-of-a-kind. People can often buy original art on impulse, whether it’s an emotional connection, a story behind the artwork, or the originality of the piece evokes more of a sense of wealth and personality into your living space. For some, it can be investment reasons as original art can often appreciate in value.

What should people take into consideration when purchasing art for their home?

Firstly, you want to buy something you love. Ideally you want it to evoke a positive feeling or reaction. Selecting the right size is also an important factor as the balance needs to be right for the room and the space your artwork will hang. If figuring out the right size it too tricky, then look for art in the ‘style’ you are after. Whether it’s abstract, coastal, traditional, floral, the artwork can refine your home’s style. Consider the feeling your home evokes, are you looking for tranquility, something bright and happy, are your drawn to nature?

No matter how you choose your art the most important thing to remember is, you must love it and let your personality shine.

If you are considering purchasing a commissioned artist to create a beautiful piece of original art for your home, I highly suggest you check out this free EBook guide on the 4 steps to picking the right artist.

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