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4 Steps to breaking down creative barriers

If only we could all function in life how children do. You see, children like to focus on the process, not the product. How does it feel to squish paint through your fingers? What sound does ‘splat’ actually make? It is in those fundamental moments of exploration into the world around us, children loose them selves in imagination and creativity. So, ask your self… why can’t we experience this as adults? And, more importantly…. How do we get this back?

“Art helps us master even the toughest life battles.” – Samantha Badrock.

Our limiting beliefs as adults, put the wall up between us and free expression. It’s time to remove the “what if” and the self-depreciation. “Oh I can’t draw” “There is no way I could ever make this, so I’m not even going to try” “What if I mess up?”. Kids don’t care about this, they just want to have fun.

"The human hand, so delicate and so complicated, not only allows the mind to reveal itself but it enables the whole being to enter into special relationships with its environment... man 'takes possession of his environment with his hands.' His hands, under the guidance of his intellect transform this environment and thus enable him to fulfill his mission in the world." —Maria Montessori, The Discovery of the Child

I’m going to let you in on a little secret; Art is never finished, only abandoned. Picasso said this, and you know what? He was right! If a picture doesn’t look how you planned, don’t lose hope, just keep persevering.

We seem to live in this fast-paced world where everything is instant, the internet, our food and even communication. Art is not instantaneous, (unless you download one of those apps). Art is a slow process and to achieve the outcome we desire; we must first seek to strip ourselves of any fears or anxieties that cements us firmly on the other side of the artistic fence. Only then can we allow ourselves to let go, relax and create.


Let’s figure out how we can start immersing ourselves in the creative experience, rather than fearing it. Here are 4 steps to letting go of anxiety and immersing yourself into the creative experience.

1. Let go of an preconceived ideas of what the finished product will look like

2. Do not compare yourself to anyone else’s art. Appreciate it, acknowledge it and then let it go.

3. Breathe – just sit still in your chair for a couple of minutes and listen to your breathing, try to slow it down with some deep belly breaths

4. Use the first page as a ‘release’ page. Grab whatever your medium is and randomly, haphazardly scribble or paint all over it. Keep doing it until you are able to let go of all thoughts and are creating ‘in the moment’.

Now you are ready to start your project!

Let me know how you break down your self-depreciating barriers and how you allow your self to live in the moment.

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