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Sip & Paint

Art Parties

Not sure what to do for your next celebration?

So it's your job to organise the next big event.
You've got the numbers sorted, got the food but have no idea how to make it special...
How do you make your next party an affair to remember?

Maybe you've pondered the idea of hosting a Sip and Paint party but don't have the time to plan it. 
And, what if the picture looks to hard and then everyone just sits there awkwardly?

You don't want the pressure of completed something that was made with a fine arts degree, you just want to dabble and come out with something that looks like a picture you could be happy with.

In a world where everything is bought from Kmart, you just want something that is uniquely yours. That can't be copied. But you don't know the first thing in painting.

So how on earth are you going to create a unique one of a kind sip and paint experience for you and your friends that

Sip and Paint DIY Art Box_edited_edited.

That's where we help you out




We are the the dream team behind your party's vision -

Team Work, makes the Dream Work. Planning your event should be fun, you should be looking forward to the day you can catch up with your friends and kick back with an activity that will bring laughter around the table as you muse at each others finished paintings.  

You shouldn't be stressing over the little things.

  • We know what art supplies work.

  • We know the easiest way to teach people how to paint in one afternoon in a way that is engaging and easy.

  • We know how to transform your vision into an art template that will inspire you and your friends to create your own finished piece of art.


Our DIY Sip and Paint Party Boxes are your solution to a night of art, wine and a bit of a giggle with friends.

Inside DIY Sip and Paint Art Box_edited_
Contents DIY Sip and Paint Art Box_edite


Customised Art Design

Yep! Your read that right.


Don't be generic - lets not put all that time and effort into organising the perfect party only to be painting something straight off Pintrest.

We will work with you to create your own custom art template.

Beautiful Products

We don't just throw in some random art supplies hoping for the best.


Our DIY Sip and Paint Art Boxes come in beautifully packaged boxes with premium art products inside.


So you know you can actually paint the template as you see it in the pictures all our designs are created with those art products. ly.

Easy Process

Once you receive your Sip and Paint Art Boxes simply scan the QR Code inside to view your personally made tutorial video.


Your templates come fully outlined and with the easy techniques in  your video, you can let your creativity run wild with the colours! 

DIY Sip and Paint Art Box Product_edited
DIY Sip and Paint Art Box Product_edited
DIY Sip and Paint Art Box Product_edited
DIY Sip and Paint Art Box Product_edited
DIY Sip and Paint Art Box Product_edited


Sip and Paint Bridal Party_edited.png

How do I get this started?

  1. Book in a time via the link bellow to chat with Sam
  2. We'll have a chat about your design concepts, numbers and the date of your event.
  3. Sam will complete the designs, pack your boxes and get them straight to your door.

    It's that easy!
Sip and Paint Bridal Party_edited.jpg
Sip and Paint Party Person_edited.jpg
Fruit and Cheese Platter_edited.png
Sip and Paint.jpg
Google Review
sip and paint all saints winery.jpg
DIY Sip and Paint Art Boxes
Sip and Paint All Saints Winery.jpg
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Basic Boxes

$65 per box

Get 1 FREE Box for every 5 boxes ordered.

Standard Session

$80 per person
All art supplies provided
lead by experienced artist
Custom designs for your event

Package Deal

$1500 per package.
For larger groups up to 30 people.  All art supplies providedlead by experienced artistCustom designs for your event

Let's Chat Further!

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