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This art box is a great addition to any kids birthday party or birthday gift. A wonderful way to keep the kids occupied for the afternoon.


Make your spirit animal and create  a safe space for it to live in. Open up discussions with your child about what it means to feel safe in the environment around you and what it means to feel safe within ourselves no matter what is going on around us. A great way to wokr through big emotions together.


We also like to teach emotional resilience. So in each box you will receive one set of seeded love heart paper, I set of clay, 1 set of Clay Scupting Tools, 1 bag of crafting diamonds, buttons and other decroative items, 1 moticational card, 1 glue stick, pre-cut paper shpaes, 1 small water bowl, 1 paint brush and 2 sets of (6 per line) paints. 

Clay Safe Space Art Box

SKU: 202302007
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