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Bring out your inner artist and make your own babushka doll! With our Art Therapy Box, you can learn to create the perfect complexion, add hair accessories, and more – all with step-by-step instructions. With our DIY craft kit, you can express yourself and make something unique. Get crafting today!


The Babushka Doll is a timeless treasure that is symbolic of our own personal journeys in life. It reveals layer upon layer of beauty and mystery, just like our own inner selves. With each new layer, we are given a chance to explore and discover the depths of our individual soul. This set of Babushka dolls is an especially powerful reminder of the four distinct layers that we each have within ourselves: the external layer, the main core, the inner core, and the hidden core. Each layer corresponds to a unique part of our being, and provides an opportunity for us to look deeper into ourselves.


The external layer is who we are when out in public-- the way we present ourselves to the world. The main core is the part of us that can be most easily accessed-- often when we are around family and friends. The inner core is the part of us that only we know, where our deepest feelings exist. And finally, the hidden core-- the part of us that is only unlocked when our subconscious and conscious minds connect.
This can be accessed through creative activities, such as painting or music, that allow us to enter a state of flow.


As you open up each inner layer of your Babushka Doll, take a moment to think of how it relates to you and the four layers of your own identity. Let it inspire you to explore and uncover the depths of your own soul.

Babushka Doll Art Therapy Box

SKU: 202302005
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