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Why is art therapy good for you?

If you are finding ways to improve your mental health then you might have had your healthcare professional mention art therapy. This is a relatively new modality of healthcare, so you might be asking "What is art therapy" and "Why is art therapy good for you?"

As a true believer of this practice, I'm here to help you navigate this concept to see if it is a good fit for your emotional and mental health recovery journey.

Art Therapy is about helping people move through mental and emotional health problems so they can live more fulfilling and productive lives. According to WA Department of health "

the focus is on the art process instead of the finished product.". This means that the expectations of perfectionism are removed, giving the participant a space to just simply create - this is where the healing process starts to take form.

But, who can do art therapy?

That's a really interesting questions. We know now that art therapy has a goal - to move through big emotions and complex maladaptive thought patterns. but who can participate in this?

Everyone. You see, the thing is, you the activity itself is not focused on building a skill set. The focus is in engaging in a creative activity that will create a distance between you and your thoughts, have an opportunity to view your thoughts from an objective standpoint, to reset the nervous systems, to calm the mind and reduce anxiety, to have a social engagement opportunity and so much more. When we look at Art Therapy in a clinical setting it can target:

  • Adults experiencing severe stress.

  • Children experiencing behavioral or social problems at school or at home.

  • Children or adults who have experienced a traumatic event.

  • Children with learning disabilities.

  • Individuals living with a brain injury.

  • People experiencing mental health problems

I hope this helps you in your journey to self exploration and recovery. Comment below if you have participated in art therapy or therapeutic art sessions and let us know what you think.

If you would like a gentle introduction to art therapy, try our Art Therapy Box Subscription. Where you can access therapeutic art activities in your own home. No lock in, cancel any time.

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