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Why art is so important for children's growth and development

It’s time to start embracing your creative side. Did you know that Art plays a vital role in early childhood development and is often referred to as a precursor to communication and writing?

Read on to find out why we should bring out our inner Van Gough!

When your child is reaching for that crayon, their brain cells are busily working away to improve their hand – eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills. As children decide what colour they are going to draw with next, which sticker they will plonk on the page (or in my case – the dining room table), fine motor skills are developing: their little wrist, hands and fingers are learning how to manage those smaller movements. As they are busy getting messy with paint and a big piece of craft paper on the ground outside, their little arms, and core are strengthening and there are also learning those vital coordination skills to manoeuvre themselves about on the ground.

Art is the gateway to self expression for children and is a beautiful resource when their verbal and written skills are still developing. As your child starts connecting objects to symbols and shapes, their cerebral development is going into overdrive. When they learn how to draw a face, they start to connect the dots – A circle makes a face. As they continue to learn the different shapes that make up various animals, people and things their imagination and creativity will beam from all sides. Children will start to represent real objects and emotions through their creative processes. This is especially crucial for children whose verbal or written communication are limited.

How can we encourage a child’s creativity?

Make the art project a meaningful experience for your little one: Put your children’s artwork on the wall!

I personally, buy these large plastic frames from the local craft shop. They’re pretty cheap and come in heaps of sizes. My little one is still a toddler, so the large A2 size frames are perfect for her big paint projects. I frame them up and pop them up on her bedroom wall. She was so proud of herself when we did this. Also, because the frame is plastic, I don’t have to worry about it being knocked off the wall, it ain’t ever going to break!

Bring the family together! Building relationships.

I like to involve all the kids and grandparents in art and craft time. It will always surprise me what everyone comes up with when they are all together around the table. Laughter urns riot as all the crazy imaginative pictures start propping up. To make it fuss free, grab your self a roll of butchers paper from the local craft store. I wrap it over the entire table and dump a heap of textures, pencils or pain pots in the centre. Everyone can reach it from all sides of the table. The craft paper is so versatile too! I like to use it as gift wrapping paper, or I’ll cut away sections and frame it up. If you are worried about the potential mess on the floor, you can always double down that butchers paper on the floor.

Get some me time!

In light of this, I thought I would offer a FREE colouring in book for your child. It's a great way to inspired creativity in the home. They are downloadable and can be printed off as many times as you like.

So, get your crayons and paint out and get creative!

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