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Top 5 benefits of Drawing

Picking up a pencil and going with the 'Art Flow' has many benefits beyond the joy of splashing some colour on a page. Check out my top 5 benefits of drawing.

1.Stress Relief. So many people are living above the red line, in a constant state of stress. When you allow yourself to indulge in drawing, cortisol levels drops, your heart rate drops and your over all stress will reduce as a result.

2.Improve problem solving skills. Creative outlets and imagination are inextricably linked. Improving your problem solving skills works like exercising your muscles. Move it or lose it: The more we draw, the more creative we can get, thereby improving our ability to think of new way to solve our problems.

3: Improved self esteem. The more you practice, the better you get. It's like learning a new musical instrument or a language; With more practice, the more accuratley we can draw how we imagine our art to look like, giving you a sense of achievement.

4.Social Outlet. Going to local art groups or art lessons in the community are a great way of meeting new people and getting out of the house. Even though it can be tricky in this current social climate to get out of the house to go social events, there are still some great online alternatives like Facebook Groups and online art classes. Check out @Artbysamanthabadrock Facebook Page to join a great little art community.

5.Freely express your opinions and feelings about the world around you For some of us introverts, it can be overwhelming to verbalise how we feel or to engaging in a conversation to express an opinion. Art, allows for a safe and engaging space to freely express whatever you want in a non threatening way.

If you are looking to start learning the basics of drawing, and are not sure where to start when you put your pencil to the page, check out my easy step by step tutorials.

For as little as $1.95 you can start learning how to draw animals right now.

What do you get?

You will get the step by step tutorial page and the video lesson so you can easily draw along with Sam. Also, you can email Sam for any help needed.

Here some of that latest lesson for $1.95 each

(Video + tutorial page + email support)

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