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The importance of smashing up our art

It can be difficult for many people for a myriad of reasons to navigate family affairs, holidays, seasonal work schedules, financial stress and general chaos that follows the Christmas Period.

The physical release of pent up energy can sometimes be enough to put us in to a better state of mind. I would presume that why people say - go punch a pillow or go run up a hill. The expulsion of stress through physical exertion can -reset- us so to speak.

If we look at adding meaning behind redirecting negative energy like frustration, anxiety, sadness etc the process can become healing as well. So not only can we go out into the world physically relieved, but also emotionally and mentally.

Some of you may have received your monthly art therapy box for November - which included a clay sculpture set.

Try creating a small sculpture out of air dry clay of how you are feeling. This can be about anything, grow do you feel about going to a family gathering? How do you feel about leaving the house today? How do you feel about Christmas Shopping amongst the millions? It could literally be anything. Put all your thoughts and feelings into this sculpture as you mould, bend, pinch, twist and shape your clay into this image.

When you feel it is complete - SMASH it up!

If you want to buy a clay set for your kids that has a wide range of colours and tools- just head over to this link below:


The physical act of destroying your sculpture is a way of just 'letting it go'. You are, in a way - destroying the problem. This will give you a sense of release! and now, you can make room for creating something beautiful in it's place.

This is why clay is just so perfect for this activity. When you are finished destroying how you feel about something, you can now rebuild it into something positive.

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