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NDIS Funded “At Home” Art Therapy Launched for Forgotten Australians

A new subscription-based Art Therapy pack has been released to assist people with mental health challenges or disabilities, who find it difficult to leave their homes.

Therapeutic Art Teacher, Samantha Badrock, launched the service for those Australian’s who often get forgotten – those who either cannot leave their homes or who find leaving the home a problem.

“My work conducting Therapeutic Art sessions revealed many people who could significantly benefit from Art Therapy simply can’t access this service so I decided to create a monthly subscription box,” said Samantha.

The boxes are NDIS approved and offer different monthly projects s

uch as creating a “Clay Safe Space” to learn how to feel safe within themselves, regardless of the external environment, “Where Hope Grows Felt Flower Bouquets” teaching people if we focus on productive, positive thoughts we can change how we feel and how relate to the world around us and “Gratitude Christmas Craft Box” that h

as a series of activities designed to provide an emotional sanctuary from the chaos of Christmas. The Holiday Season can be triggering for a lot of people, family conflict, financial stress and the overwhelming crowds in public spaces can exacerbate pr-existing mental health conditions and further isolate people with disabilities.

According to the World Health Organisation WHO, research has found that the arts can prevent and promote a sense of wellbeing and can “affect the social determinants of health, support child development, encourage health-promoting behaviours, help to prevent ill health and support caregiving.” In the Health Evidence Network Synthesis Report WHO have also found that art can help the management and treatment of “people experiencing mental illness, support care for people with acute conditions, help to support people with neurodevelopmental and neurological disorders; – assist with the management of noncommunicable diseases and support end-of-life care.”

Therapeutic Art Activities are taking us by storm as we continue to see the social, emotional and health benefits of engaging in planned therapeutic art projects designed to enhance our sense of wellbeing. As more and more people continue to experience the healing benefits of therapeutic art, we continue to see the multimodal applications available used with success that link healthcare and art across a broad range of activities that activate the imagination, sensory activation, evocation of the imagination, evocation of emotion and cognitive stimulation. Depending on the approach to the activity , we can also include social interaction, physical activity, engagement with themes of health and interaction with healthcare settings.

The Art Therapy boxes are an empowering experience aiming to gently help people engage in the community. The monthly group zoom catch ups are designed for like minded people to come together and share their experience. They can pop in anytime they like, or they can watch the recorded sessions. Samantha adds, “It’s a great way for people to share their experience on their own terms in their own time”.

The boxes are delivered to the participants door in the first week of every month. “We try to keep that continuity of service for our participants to reduce anxiety for those that rely on routine and structure. We want to make the experience as easy as possible for the participants to complete their art project. It’s important to have a sense of accomplishment and maintain that positive experience every month so the boxes also come with everything you need to complete the art activity, along with both written and video instructions and email support.”

If you think you could benefit from the delivered to your door art therapy in the home, simply head over to this link to find out more:


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