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MASTER learning how to draw skirts with these EASY sketch tutorials!

Now, please do not confuse this with outright plagiarism. We can however, draw inspiration from other artists to mould our own style of art.

I like to draw inspiration from other artists based on the technique and principles they use. I study their images and seek to understand how they accomplished their piece.

Confused yet?

Read on…

First, I will study photographs of portraits of people in the clothing that I want to be able to draw, like skirts.

Second: Then I will trace or use a grid over the lines of the picture to get a ‘feel’ for how the clothing is represented on a page. This also trains my hands to remember how they feel when drawing certain lines in certain ways – kinda like muscle memory

Thirdly: I will seek out tutorials on how to draw clothing (PINTREST) is an awesome platform to find hundreds of base sketches. Sometimes the artist will even explain which direction to draw and why the fabric flows the way it does on the page.

FINALLY: I will collate everything and create a sketch page of all the different ways I can represent skirts, in different fabrics and different styles. I’ll use my imagination and photographs to draw inspiration. I won’t stop until I can freely draw skirts without really thinking too hard.

** If I feel I cannot master it, I will leave it for a while and rinse and repeat these three steps.***

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