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Lift your mood and mind with colour.

“Our relations with colours are as unique as our religions, cultures, and lives.”

No one denies it: Colors impact us. From the grim, white hall of a hospital to the light green

wall of a yoga studio. Every day, we surround by colours that affect our emotions, but what if

you could use the power of colour to your advantage—and positively impact how you feel? Color

therapy does this.

What Exactly Is Color Therapy?

Colour therapy is a treatment that uses colours and their frequencies to heal physical and

emotional problems within the human body. Chromotherapy are other names for colour therapy.

Colour therapy is the idea that colour and coloured lights can help treat physical or mental

strength and cause subtle changes in moods.

The benefits of Colour Therapy

Light consider one of the pure healing forces in the world. The presence or absence of light can

have an effect on the pineal glands, Hypothalamus, and Pituitary. That, in turn, can impact our

mental and physical health. We’ve outlined a few of the benefits that come from using colour

therapy below:

Better sleep

Colour therapy has been used to improve and control sleep patterns, and suppressed melatonin

levels during light exposure can enable one to sleep more affective during the nighttime hours.

Vision Problem:

Yellow light treatment has helped cure vision problems, particularly those connected to night

blindness or difficulty seeing at night.

Stress relief:

Colours such as blue and green can be soothing to people stressed or anxious.

Boost your appetite:

When you don't have a strong desire for meals, warm and bright colours may help.

Alleviate seasonal affective disorder:

People are more likely to suffer from seasonal affective disorder during colder weather due to a

lack of sunlight and the need to spend more time indoors. Warm colours such as yellow and

orange help to heal the seasonal disorder.

To boost your energy:

Colors like red and yellow have increased your energy and motivation.

A solution to move through virus thoughts

It was about a year into quarantine, and everyone was sitting in my living room feeling down. Nothing, in particular, was wrong. You all just felt off. Everything about the room felt sad or feeling low.

To try colour therapy and perk yourself up from previous thoughts or buy a gold lamp when you plugged it in the room instantly felt warmer and cheerier.

Colour Therapy uplifts your home. The colours you surround yourself with will have a huge effect on you. Applying Color Therapy's well thought concepts and psychology to your house or office can help you and your loved ones in the long run. Color Therapy can be applied to any room in the home of your colour choices, whether for your next home or office, are intended to make you (or someone else) feel better;

Blue Consider a blue sky: studies suggest that blue increases attentiveness and makes it simpler to focus on tasks that demand a long attention span.

Green Which is both cooling and sedative helps in the de-escalation of stressful circumstances. Green is beneficial to the respiratory system, lungs, heart, and circulatory system.

Yellow "The happiest colour is yellow." It's also the first colour the human eye recognizes, which is why school buses and roadway caution signs are yellow.

Colour therapy is an effective CBT technique. Colour therapy plays a vital role in CBT to make people happy and healthy again.

Colour therapy helps in CBT therapy to heal from anxiety, and depression, boost energy and meet so many goals.

If you would like to learn how to express yourself through colour, simply contact Sam today and start exploring your hidden creative side.

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