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INSTANTLY IMPROVE your art with these 3 AMAZING techniques

Let’s talk about shading baby!

Shading is the holy grail of creating realistic illusion in your art. It helps your subject become 3-Dimensional, can add texture and create depth or bring things forward on a page.

There are soo many ways to approach your shading technique, it really is limitless. Below, I have provided 3 techniques that will instantly improve your art.

Using Graphite pencils, you can create very intricate detailing by mixing up ways you apply the graphite. This will create an interesting piece as the eyes wonder over the varied shading techniques.


Shading Technique 1: Light vs Dark You can create a variety of light and dark areas by moving your pencil tip back and forth across the paper rapidly while increasing or decreasing pressure

Shading Technique 2: Hatching Draw a series of thin lines that run parallel to each other or are contoured to the shape. Sketching the lines closer together or further apart will change the tone, texture or shade of the object.

Shading Technique 3: Cross Hatching Cross hatching is an extension of hatching by adding lines across the parallel lines of hatching. Essentially, instead of having one layer of shading, you now have two layers. You will end up with something that resembles a grid.

The pattern can be crossed many times and directions to produce different tones. You can also contour the lines to the shape to create form and depth.

“But I can’t draw the actual shapes?!” That’s okay, I’ve got everything you need to start practicing! My weekly tutorials will give you access to downloadable practice sheets below:

  • Image outlines- so you can shade in actual pictures

  • A copy of my finished product

  • A grid of the existing techniques list above PLUS a 15 GRID of techniques you can start mastering.

So get to it, and start mastering your craft! Cheerios! Sam.

Download PDF • 1.83MB

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