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How to host the perfect Kids Party

Hosting the perfect kids party can seem almost impossible. I know, when I run the kids art parties that there is always a moment of 'Ahhh- relief!' The kids are occupied for an hour. YEY!

So to all those frazzled and stressed out mums, here are my top 5 tips to running a smooth kids party.

1: Stick to a time limit and communicate that to all the parents AND kids on arrival.

2: Set out the house rules for the kids.

3: When Planning the party, write yourself down a 'schedule of events'. When things will happen and where. It might seem crazy if you're just holding it at your house or down the park, but this will help you feel calm and in control on the day. Which brings be to the next step:

4: Write a list about a month or so before what you will need at the party. From decorations, to entertainers, food, do you need to travel?, Will you have a presents table, what will the activities be - what do you need for them. Right down to every detail. List it all and then do up a quick budget. This is a great way to make sure your spending doesn't get out of control

5: Outsourcing. If you a running short on time and need an extra pair of hands, think about what or who you could use to help you out. Could all the parents bring a plate of food? Can you get your family to help out? Can you hire a kids party service (hmm like Art by Samantha Badrock haha!).

Remember team work makes the dream work.

Hope this helps and happy party planning!

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