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Exploitation Uncovered: Urgent Call for Accountability in NDIS Support

Author: Samantha Badrock

Saturday 21st October 2023

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exploitaation uncovered, accountability in the disabilities industry

In the shadowy world of NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) support, a pressing need for accountability is emerging. Recent revelations, as reported by reputable news sources, have exposed egregious cases of exploitation and misuse of NDIS funds, demanding immediate action to ensure the well-being of participants. These stories underscore the critical importance of raising the standards of accountability in art businesses and across the NDIS spectrum.

A recent investigation by ABC News has uncovered a deeply troubling practice – unscrupulous operators coercing people with disabilities into rented accommodations to siphon their NDIS funding. This shocking revelation highlights the urgent need for increased accountability. Vulnerable individuals, seeking support and enrichment, are falling prey to a system in dire need of reform. [Read More](

The Albanese government has set its sights on "unethical practices" and "shoddy therapies" as part of its comprehensive crackdown on fraud against the NDIS, reports The Guardian. The broader effort signifies a necessary step towards enhancing accountability measures, protecting NDIS participants from unscrupulous practices, and ensuring their rights are upheld. [Read More](

A searing investigation by The Sydney Morning Herald exposes significant issues within the NDIS funding scheme. Suppliers are being paid without completing required work, and due diligence on many transactions is minimal. These systemic loopholes have allowed businesses to exploit the system, committing fraud at the expense of NDIS participants. A resounding call for increased accountability has emerged. [Read More](

Reports of large-scale NDIS fraud have unveiled the scheme's weakest points. Collaborating with NDIS participants and involving them in oversight is the proposed solution. As reported by UNSW Newsroom, this collaborative approach is essential to prevent businesses from exploiting the system and to protect participants' rights. [Read More](

In an eye-opening investigative report by ABC News, instances of exploitation of people living with disabilities within the NDIS funding scheme have been laid bare. This exploitation has resulted in hundreds of individuals being "missing" in the system, with the NDIS regulator unaware of their whereabouts. The revelations call for immediate accountability measures to prevent further exploitation. [Read More](

In a world where NDIS support should be a beacon of hope, these stories underscore the dire need for accountability, transparency, and ethical engagement in the art business sector. Join us on a journey to uncover the truths that demand action, ensuring that NDIS participants can fully embrace the world of art, free from exploitation and unfulfilled expectations.

3 Questions you can ask your provider to vet their authenticity

1. Can you provide references or case studies from past NDIS participants you have supported?

- Requesting references or case studies can help you gain insight into the provider's track record and the experiences of other participants. It's an opportunity to hear firsthand about the quality of services and the provider's commitment to their clients.

2. What is your approach to individualized support plans?

- Inquire about how the provider develops and tailors support plans to meet the unique needs and goals of NDIS participants. An authentic provider will have a person-centered approach, ensuring that your support plan is designed to empower you and align with your aspirations.

3. How do you handle and resolve participant concerns or complaints?

- Understanding the provider's process for addressing concerns or complaints is crucial. A trustworthy NDIS provider will have clear procedures in place for handling issues, promoting open communication, and ensuring participant satisfaction.

These additional questions will help you gather more detailed information about the provider's approach, past performance, and their commitment to resolving any potential issues or concerns you may have during your NDIS journey.

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