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Different types of Christmas Present for Different Types of Kids

(None of these gift ideas are affiliated or paid for. They are based on my personal shopping experience and customer feedback)

Buying Christmas presents can be challenging for anyone, especially for neurodivergent kids who may need that little bit of extra flair when choosing a present they will simply adore.

We have to look at what their triggers might be and what sensory or physical limitations they have as these all impact how the gift can be received.

Here is my top 3 list of Neurodiverse Gifts that might just be a hit (And within the budget) that I have experienced in the past and what I learned from using these toys.



I came across these last year and purchased a large box to divvy up amongst my younger neurodiverse clients. They were just such a massive hit. A couple of clients of mine, (as I also found out) had purchased them.

You get this 1 big box full of lots of fidget toys and sensory toys. They are all different colours, shapes, and textures. You really get the bang for your buck and what I found was that the box lasted all year. Every time I needed something for a new client that would help them feel comfortable in the art class or even my neurotypical daughter (3 years old), I could just grab something from the box. It was great! especially if I was planning a long car trip or if I knew we were going somewhere that I would need to distract my child for a while and one toy just wasn't going to cut the mustard. The only draw back on these products is they can sometimes be slow on the postage.

The link to the one that I (and other parents that I know of) have purchased. Happy shopping!



Yes I know I am plugging my product here! bahahaha. BUT in saying this I have had a ton of feedback from so many parents and disability professionals about our art boxes. The feedback is goooood.

Our art boxes are mailed out every month and aim to build emotional resilience in kids through meaningful art. These boxes come with everything you need to complete the art project (except scissors), the instructions and we also post up on our facebook page the video tutorials which are also emailed out on a monthly basis.

Parents love these boxes because they can either do the art project with their child or the child can do the art independently. Also whilst there is a common goal with the art box like 'build your spirit animal out of clay' or, 'paint your own babushka doll', they can still put their own interpretation on it. So if you have a child with ADHD who must follow literal instructions, then this is a must buy gift. They can follow the literally instruction without the pressure of perfectionism.

Professionals love these because they also help with other things like spacial awareness, fine motor skills and they can be calming as each project is designed to take a bit of time to complete and we also ensure that every box has a 'rummaging' effect to it as research shows that rummaging during art time is therapeutic in itself.



I travel a fair bit for my work as a lot of my clients need me to meet them at their place of comfort. I have literally seen these everywhere in every home where a child with Autism or ADHD lives. They are just such a great sensory experience and it also gets them outdoors if you have a stable structure somewhere to hang these from. The cocoon style hammock, from what I have heard is made to settle down the nervous system, so they are perfect for meltdowns. Its also a great tool to teach kids how to self regulate. Parents have reported to me that when their child is just getting sensory overload, they can take them to their 'special space' to just peacefully exist and decompress all that stimulation overload.

So happy shopping! Let me know what you think and how you went! Comment Below.

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