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Collaging is not just Child's Play - Here is what I have learned

Collaging is perfect for people who cannot verbally express how they are thinking

or feeling.

The appeal to collaging lies in the simplicity of activity along with

the ability to use a wide range of materials to express how you might be feeling.

By seeking out pictures that accurately represent how you are feeling, thinking

or believing, people can quickly and effectively express complex emotions.

The therapeutic affects go beyond finding expression in the pictures and

craft items applied to the artwork but also in the search for the items –

rummaging through craft boxes and magazines is part of the therapeutic

journey. In this search, you can find words or pictures that might bring about a deeper understanding of how you are feeling.

Collage can easily become a pandora's box of art and craft time. So here are my 3 top suggestions to use collaging effectively:

1: Organise the madness before you begin.

Whilst the rummaging is therapeutic, you can sort end up down the rabbit hole and before you know it you're sitting amongst piles of paper and craft without actually achieving anything. It takes a little of preparation, but the outcome outweighs the effort.

Providing three boxes to work through in a three step process: the

first box contains pictures, the second box contains words and phrases, and the

final box contains various items, such as buttons or patterned fabrics.

If you want to address a specific issue, you may also want to categorise your

pictures and words/phrases, for example a box for positive pictures and another

for negative pictures.

2: Decide if you want a literal representation of abstract representation of your feelings and thoughts. A literal collage contains literal/representational images. In comparison, an abstract representation will use the collaging items to identify a theme like unhappiness, joy, abandonment etc and may contain abstract, personalised or metaphorical images.

3: Consider using materials that might ground you.

In today’s modern age, when we use nature items in our collage (or any other art) we

can explore the relationship between nature and humanity. In fact, there is

something raw, therapeutic, and even primal, about using items from nature

that connects you not only with the world around you in a deeper, profound level,

but even in our own selves. The use of such materials can also be spiritually invigorating and holistically balancing.

You may go for a walk in a natural setting with a small basket or bag, gather

anything you see from your natural surroundings and place it in the basket or

bag. The actual process of walking outside, in the sun and nature, can be very

balancing emotionally and mentally, and can even promote a state of


So there you have it. It's a nice, brief way to get into the art of collaging. Just try it, you never know what you might unearth about yourself!

Comment below and let me know how your personal journey went.

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