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Building Positive Self Image Through Art

Mirror mirror on the wall....

Too often, girls and boys in school are hyper aware of all the things they think make them ugly, fat or not fit in.

With today's instant access to you know - the entire world, this pressure to fit in goes beyond the school yard, it reaches every corner or their lives and the mental health repercussions follow well into adulthood.

Bullying and peer pressure can annihilate positive body image and self esteem.

Sometimes it can be hard to pull kids out of this never ending spiral of anxiety and depression.

Slowly we start to see these once bright aspiring young girls and boys withdraw from social activities...

Hiding up in their room...

I want to help you combat negative self talk by using a a simple, yet affective DIY Craft Project.

I call it the "Self Esteem Mirror".

We need to turn the mirror from a tool used to critique our bodies into a window to the beauty that exists before us.

Materials: Mirror Mirror Frame Quick Dry Craft Glue

Pens Paper Gems and Stones or other craft items

OPTIONAL Grout Water and Sponges

Activity Outline: We will be creating a mirror that reflects three traits about our body or personality that we like. Make sure to be patient and allow time for your child or participant to process what is being asked of them and to decide for themselves what they like. ***This is really important*** We want this to be an empowering experience for the participant, so don't feed words into their mouth. We need to encourage them to speak up about what makes them just absolutely fabulous! If we speak for them, we are minimising the opportunity for your child or participant to feel empowered and to build that ability to explore this process for themselves. Instructions: 1) Go to your local craft store and get a mirror kit. Get craft glue and gems of all colours 2) Get them to look in the mirror and list 3 traits that are good about them, That they like. This is the opportunity to open up a discussion around what makes them special and they might even disclose what they don't like. Remember to be supportive. 3) Write them down and allocate a colour to reflect each trait. 4) Create a design without gluing. When you are happy with the design, use your quick dry craft glue to secure the gems, stones and craft items to your mirror border. You can use any craft items you like. A nice part of the process is exploring the wide range of craft items you could potentially use. Even if you don't end up using them, the process of exploration is therapeutic in it's self. 5) Once the glue has dried, you can now apply your grout. Mix grout powder and water together to form a consistency of toothpaste. ** IMPORTANT** Make sure to use gloves. 6) Apply the grout with a spoon and spread over with a piece of cardboard. Once all the grout is spread out, simply wipe away the surface with a wet sponge or cloth to reveal the gems underneath.

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