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Art is Just OBSERVATION...

Millions of people throughout history have (weather they like to admit it or not) have diaries. In bygone eras before technology recorded our every living memory, we actually wrote and sketched our observations of the world around us.

I myself have a diary and have done so for many years. I even sketch in these diaries, late at night before I go to bed. It's a nice relaxing little ritual that slows my body down before I enter the sweet dreamtime slumberland called, sleep.

Some of the greatest artists throughout time have recorded the seeds of timeless art. From the greats of Leonardo Davinci to Soldiers at war recording the nightmares unfolding before their eyes, to the great explorers hurriedly sketching down the new world they have discovered.

We are too quick to only remember the masterpieces, than closely observe the groundwork behind the completed art piece.

That's what we are going to explore today. As my fingers limbered across the art books in the local library, desperately searching for inspiration for this blog post, I cam across a rather interesting book that encapsulated this theory. It was called "Great Diaries - The world's most remarkable diaries, journals, notebooks and, letters" by Kate Williams.

I strongly suggest, if you would like to take your art to the next level, to take a back seat for just a moment and peruse these pages.

The eye...called the window of the soul, is the chief means whereby the understanding may most fully... appreciate the infinite works of nature.

Leonardo Davinci's notebooks show how brilliantly his brain worked. During the Renaissance, people believed that you could excel in every subject, Leonardo was clearly a prime example of his dedication to science, art and observations of the world around him.

His journals showcased diagrams on subjects in the matter of geometry, mathematics, geology, flight, music and military engineering. Some of the pages below have been extracted from the book mentioned above. The depth and detail of these illustrations are just fascinating. He was really dedicated to perfecting his knowledge on any given subject.

But, let us focus on the artistic side of his journals...

We can see how his idea formation, really does begin with jotting down quick, brief sketches and, as if right before our eyes, as we trace around the diary page, concepts and illustrations are created.

An important takeaway from these diary pages:

Not every picture is complete, and all masterpieces came from an idea first.

We don't have to draw our final product in one fowl swoop.

Sometimes, in this fast paced world, it is easy to forget how to just live in the moment and enjoy the experience of playing with creative ideas and allowing that creativity to flow through us.

Allow the time and joy for creativity to flow through us.

Now, I'm not sure if you have heard of this historical figure: John Ruskin: Writer. Well, not only was he a writer, but also an artist, social reformer and philanthropist. His diaries were splashed with brilliant ink colours of wildlife and the beauty he found amongst the delicate ornamental stone carvings in buildings from the Medieval age in Venice.

Seeing how other artists recorded in their diary pages, reminds me, that art, when simply put: Is Observation.

Art is just observation

So the question is.... What are you going to do next when it comes to taking your observations and art to the next level?

It's doesn't have to be anything fancy, but I strongly suggest you get yourself a little notebook where you can jot down all your ideas and observations. You never know where your next big masterpiece might come from!


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