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5 Things to Avoid If You Want to Have a Successful Art Business In Disabilities

Providing art classes for . people with disabilities should be comprehensive, inclusive and enhance someone's life for the better even if for just the couple of hours that you are with them.

That being said, there are many art businesses out there that will say they 'NDIS Included' but once you attend, nothing about the service indicates they have any idea about how to provide inclusive art activities for NDIS Participants. I remember I held a group art session one week for the weekly Friday Craft Group in Wangaratta. The client's support worker just lit up when she realised we were actually inclusive and made every effort to adapt out the art activities for her participant. You see, her Participant ( Let's call her Jane for Privacy) Jane was heavily handicapped both mentally and physically, but she simply loved art and craft. It made her heart sing. Unfortunately they had come across one of those art businesses looking to make a quick buck. Sadly, Jane had been booked for 4 sessions into these art classes, and she spent the entire time with her support worker doing the crosswords in the corner. There were no other people with disabilities, so Jane couldn't keep pace with the conversations around her, and the art activities were too intricate for her poor fine motor skills. She would break down in tears at the end of every session. To top it off, they found out that the art business had jacked up the price for her because she was 'NDIS Funded'. My heart sank for Jane, I felt so angry that not only did she have to spend hours feeling an outsider because she couldn't do the tasks or keep pace, but that she had to pay and pay a different price to all the others!

That's why I have made it my mission to be as inclusive as possible for every single patron of my art business. I want everyone to feel like they can fly at the end of every art class. It's important to me to see people thriving, building relationships, learning new skills, feeling included and feeling like they are part of a community that was made for them specifically. Now, I'm not saying my service is perfect, but every day I strive to make it better and better, more inclusive, more equitable, more empowering. It's this type of vision and manifesting that vision into reality that make My HEART SING.

Here are 5 Things to avoid if you want to host art classes for people with disabilities

1: Never Assume your client’s abilities. Open up a conversation around their abilities and triggers. See your participant in a holistic sense. The art classes actually aren't about you and what you provide. Your art classes should be about how you can help a person get creative and how they can freely express themselves.

2: Never include people with disabilities and ‘jack up’ the price just to make a quick buck. You can't pull the wool over people's eyes. You will be found out and what's more, this is discrimination. Worse still, this has a deep negative emotional impact on participants. Think about it, people with disabilities feel discrimination every single day in all facets of their lives. Don't make what should be a moment of joy, not an experience that further diminishes their self-worth.

3: Don’t shout or get up in people’s faces. This is intimidating. Stand to the side of them, and get closer to their ear, then speak slowly, clearly in short, simple sentences that are easy to understand.

4: Don’t ignore signs of stress or anxiety. There could be a much larger issue going on. If you suspect that there is abuse going on. You must report it. If you suspect they are not coping with something, then you might be a safe person they can talk to. Then you can help them by collaborating with their care team so they can get the proper support they need.

5: Never push someone past their limits just to ‘complete the booked session’ this may cause an injury or cause anxiety about going to your art classes.

Have you got what it takes to start an art business in disabilities?

Have you heard that we are now helping mums start up a successful art businesses? We are looking for 6 enthusiastic, and motivated Mumma Bears who want to run their own business teaching people with disabilities how to get creative.

If this is something that might interest you, and you can dedicate 5-10 hours per week, I will personally help you start up your own art business. focusing on supporting people with disabilities to get creative. To find out more, simply register your interest HERE. and sign up to our mailing list. I will personally reach out to you to see if you might be a good fit for business mentoring. I remember when I first started my art business. I had a two-ish year old (now 4) and wanted a career change. Nursing hours simply didn't fit the daycare schedule, so I left the profession to start a business with meaning and purpose.

It was scary at first, I wasn't sure if this venture was going to be successful, the bills were piling up and I had a two year old to consider. Would this consume too much of my time away from her?? or would this liberate me to a life that I could share with my child. Starting Art by Samantha Badrock turned out to be the best decision I ever made,. I think because I have operated with integrity and a mission to help people with disabilities get creative on all levels, the business has grown to be wildly successful. I have had some great mentors along the way and I know want to share my business secrets with you. We all deserve an opportunity to thrive. To work from home, to create an income that doesn't compromise our time with our kids! This industry is so deeply rewarding, I feel eternally blessed to be able to help people thrive and grow every day in their artistic pursuits. Again, my time, is personally limited, which is why I am offering this to 6 women only. Make sure to subscribe and I will work alongside you to help you build a business that can bring communities together, and add a bit of joy into someone's life. Subscribe HERE if you would like to be part of this program.

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