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10 tips to improve your sketching

1. Drawing is a Skill

Drawing is by definition, making a mark on a page. But if you want to turn your stick figures into masterpieces to make a living, then I suggest you start viewing drawing as a skill that can be learned.

2. Draw what you see, not what you think you see

Drawing is about observing the world around you, and recording that by drawing it. So many people believe that you can just think, I want to draw a rabbit - without actually looking at a rabbit (or at least a photo). Drawing is at least 50% observation. What are the underlying shapes that make up the actual object in the picture. How do the limbs connect to the body? How does it sit on the ground? really look at the picture and study what you see, then draw.

4. Look For Basic Shapes

The most popular way my students learn to draw from me is by understanding what shapes make up pictures. You can reduce any subject down to it's basic shape. Draw the shapes and then contour the lines around the shapes. As you start grasping this concept, you will find you will become faster and more accurate at drawing. If you are looking for some drawing tutorials with instructional videos click HERE

7. Stay Consistent with Your Style

Make sure your art style is consistent throughout the whole process from start to finish. I like to make thumbnail pictures to plan out your picture. That way you can ensure that the picture 'makes sense' when it is finished. The last thing you want is for the picture to look like it was made by two separate artists.

9. Loosen Up

Remember to have fun. Countless times I have seen student s transform their art when they let go of self doubt , the negative self talk 'i can't do this' and the 'what ifs' and just get into it. Art doesn't have to be stiff, it should be something that is feared. It should be fun!

Some of my best ideas for art come from when I am about to go to bed. I actually make art part of my bedtime routine. I believe it is because I am so relaxed, I'm not heavily invested in the outcome and hey presto! some great art is born! So find your way of relaxing or getting in to the zen zone so you can instantly elevate your art.

10. Practice

Now I mentioned at the start of this article.... Art is a skill. It will not happen over night, but it will happen. You just need to practice. Try drawing all sorts of things; animals, flowers, people, buildings. Then, try drawing them from different angles, with different mediums and in different styles. Keep practicing and you will start to see your own art style flourishing.

If you would like some help getting started with drawing or improving your art check out some great online learning materials HERE.

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