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You Rock! Draw 10 animals

  • 48Steps


This online learning course will help you to learn how to express themselves through art by equipping you with the knowledge  on how to successfully draw animals.  The pictures are realistic and come with  easy step by step downloadable page guides AND Real time videos. Samantha gently guides the viewer through the process, ensuring every student has a sense of achievement at the end of the lesson.  When you purchase this product you will also have exclusive access to other drawing materials and request what animal you would like to see in the freebies section and on the next online learning course.  Samantha has got your back throughout your artistic journey; You will also be able to contact Samantha via email to ask for any additional help or questions that may crop up.  Throughout this 10 week course, you will learn how to accurately and confidently draw: BLUE WREN BIRD PARROT GREEN SEA TURTLE CROCODILE ELEPHANT BUNNY HORSE UNICORN FRILL NECK LIZARD KOALA 

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Single Payment
2 Plans Available
From A$3.00/month


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