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How To Beat The ADHD Paralysis!

...And Get Started Organising Your Life So You Can Feel Productive Again!

Stop Procrastination and start feeling motivated for the first time ever!

Created by Art Therapist,
Samantha Badrock

I could see my clients with ADHD really struggling to stay organised.


It would break my heart to see them desparatley try to make 'another calendar'  in canva, only to give up. 


So I decided to make one that was accessible and affordable!

Your Brain Deserves To Shine!

Living with ADHD can feel like navigating through a maze with constantly shifting walls. The unique wiring of the ADHD brain can make it challenging to complete even the most simple task like getting the washing done and actually hanging it up! 

Reduce Anxiety

Reduce Anxiety: Get on the right side of time management so you never feel guilty about forgetting to complete a task ever again!​

Get Tasks Done

Get Tasks Done: Clear, simple instructions and sections so you can stay on track and get those flippin tasks done

Increase Motivation

We make getting organised fun with our game like interactive pages. 

ADHD Digital Planner

Stop living in a constant state of panic wondering if you have finished your daily tasks and start feeling accomplished today

Check the AMAZING contents inside that will
simply blow your mind with just how much value is in my planners just for you!

Limited Time Offer

WAS $29
NOW just $7!

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