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Recreational Art Subscriptions

Monthly Art Therapy Boxes are designed to help children build emotional resilience through art. 

Each month you will get:

  • Sent a new art box with an activity. 

  • An art lesson delivered live in the online Facebook community group where you can interact with the artist, ask questions and create along side Sam.

  • Access to our art community group

  • Email support

  • Weekly motivational email with extra art therapy activities you can try at home

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Remember, everyone can be creative.
Its whether we give ourselves the courage to do so. 
-Samantha Badrock.



 I am Samantha and I am an artist based in Wangaratta Victoria.  

Art is a natural concept for me, it runs in our family; My grandmother was a professional artist for over 6 decades, my grandfather was an award winning photographer and my father is a signwriter. We are all creative in our family - I guess you could say art is just a way of life for us!

Personally, painting gives me a sense of peace. It helps me slow down in this crazy world. ​I find art very therapeutic and I have been lucky enough to turn this beautiful hobby into a career. 

One day when hosting the regular kids group art lessons, I noticed there were no kids with disabilities, and this made me a little sad to be honest.

Due to my nursing background in disabilities and aged care, I know how important mental health is and just how isolated people with disabilities can feel. Art should always be inclusive and accessible to people of all ages and abilities. So, I decided to open up my services to provide Supported Art Classes to kids and adults with disabilities. 


Art can make us feel heard, it can help us process complex emotions in a simple and nurturing way. Not only can feel empowered through art just from gaining a sense of accomplishment when we create our very onw masterpiece but there is an important social engagement aspect to participating in art.


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Online Art Course 
Learn to Draw 10 Animals

Learn to draw from the comfort of your own home. 

Samantha will walk you through how to draw 10 animals from start to finish. 

Our Carefully Crafted Videos and Downloadable step by step guides will have your confidently drawing animals of all shapes and sizes.

Pause, stop and rewind your videos so you can draw at your pace. 

Once you have your classes, they are yours FOREVER.
You will always have access to this material. 

An easy choice to make if you want a gentle and cost effective introduction to drawing. 

Only $20 for 10 weeks worth of drawing!

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